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About Catherine "Cie" Stroud

A visual storyteller for over 25 years, I have become a one-woman freelance multimedia department, devising visual content for public relations.

My background is photojournalism. I was a staff photojournalist at The Hudson Valley News and The Times of Trenton, have won 27 press awards, served as the Vice President of the New Jersey Press Photographers Association and graduated from the Ohio University Visual Communication program.

Concurrent to working as a photojournalist, I have operated a photography business, honing the sensibilities of my photojournalism to engage specific demographics or interest groups for corporations, universities, small businesses, nonprofits and PR agencies.

I utilize traditional reporting skills including scene assessment, information gathering, story editing, AP-style captioning and quick turn-around.

I incorporate advanced photo services including interiors lighting, mobile studio, architectural and product photography, and formal portraiture on location.

And I employ my technical computer capabilities including color fidelity, retouching and compositing, web- and pre-press optimization, online delivery and e-commerce solutions, typesetting and graphic design, and web site design and updates. Iíve built over 50 web sites.

I posted as not only do clients hire me for more than one media service but also they increasingly hire me devise marketing strategies for campaigns.

Of my photos that have won press awards and the social media I’ve posted for clients that have gained the greatest engagement, the more candid, personal, relevant, local and timely images remarkably outperformed the staged or the re-posted ones.

I firmly believe companies must keep their imagery genuine and authentic, or risk disconnecting with if not offending their audience. Stock photos are not going to convey the credibility of your organization and its worth to the immediate community. Ultimately, they are not going to pluck the heart and purse strings of your audience.

Catherine "Cie" Stroud
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