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About Catherine "Cie" Stroud

Cie StroudA visual storyteller for over 25 years in multiple disciplines and in both creative and managerial roles, I have become a one-woman freelance multimedia department.

My background is photojournalism. I was a staff photojournalist at The Hudson Valley News (NY) and The Times (NJ) newspapers, have won 27 press awards and served as the Vice President of the New Jersey Press Photographers Association.

My web site portfolio comprises nearly 50 sites, some built in HTML, others in WordPress. Several are in their 3rd generation. A chamber of commerce hired me to save its WordPress site after it was abandoned by its previous designer.

My e-mail marketing specialty is custom coding the layout, design and content in HTML. This affords immediate readability of and interaction with the message without having to download images or open the e-mail in a web browser. I have 2 All Star awards from Constant Contact for having used best practices.

Lastly, my social media work is the culmination of all my experience — information gathering, story editing and speedy delivery

Of my photos that have won press awards and the social media I’ve posted for clients that have had the greatest engagement, the more candid, personal, relevant, local and timely images and posts remarkably outperformed the staged or the re-posted ones.

I firmly believe companies must keep their content genuine and authentic, or risk disconnecting with if not offending their audience. Stock photos are not going to convey the credibility of your organization and its worth to its community. Ultimately, they are not going to pluck the heart and purse strings of your audience.

Catherine "Cie" Stroud
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